Instrument Maintenance

While the Pressure Chamber is a very low maintenance instrument, some basic cleaning will go a long way in preserving your instrument and keeping it functioning well.

Each instrument comes with an operating instruction booklet that outlines basic maintenance of the instrument. These booklets can be found on the tutorial site along with lots of video and pictorials about how to clean, adjust and maintain the instrument and the accessories.

We do offer a maintenance called “Cleaning, Calibration & Inspection”. This service is offered at our shop. If you are able to return your instrument without too much trouble, we can perform this maintenance. This service includes: cleaning and washing the inside and outside of the instrument and case, replace all O-rings, gaskets and seals in the instrument, adjust Control Valve, Safety Valve and Pressure Relief Valve in the instrument. We will also check the calibration on the gauge to ensure accuracy while pressure checking the instrument to ensure there are no leaks.

The service includes this work plus suggestions to improve the performance of your instrument and a quote for any additional work that needs to be completed. The cost of this check-up here at our shop is $95.00 USD plus return shipping. If you have any questions about this service, let us know.

If you are planning on sending your unit(s) in to get serviced, here are a few things that will help make the process easy and painless. First, if you have a Model 610, 615, 615D, or 1515D, ensure the instrument nitrogen tank is empty.

Second, box your instrument well. Put the instrument in a box slightly larger than the actual instrument and fill the extra space with some kind of packing material, ie: packing peanuts, bubble wrap, crumpled up paper, or extra cardboard. This will ensure the instrument does not get damaged in transit. If you have a Model 610, extra care should be taken to protect the tank handle located on the right hand side of the instrument as well as protecting the chamber pressure gauge.

Lastly, make sure you return the tank, lid and 6-Foot Filling Hose as all of these parts are needed to ensure your equipment is in good working order and for safe operation.

Be sure to include with the shipment a letter outlining your contact information, return address, and any issues you might be having with the instrument (leaks, inaccurate readings, other concerns). Lastly, send the instrument to the address below. Any repairs needed outside the standard service will require the owner’s consent before repairs are made.

Send your instrument to: