Standard Sealing Gaskets & Insertion Tools

Standard Gaskets:

Gaskets come in 4 sizes: Blank, 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch.

You can use the blank gasket to make a custom size and shape hole to match your application. Gaskets are a consumable item and should be replaced if visible damage is seen or if the gasket is suspected to be leaking.

Standard Insertion Tools:

Tools come in 3 sizes: 1/8 inch diameter, 3/16 inch diameter and 1/4 inch diameter.

Insertion tools are used to introduce a plant sample into a Standard Gasket. Simply slide the tool through the gasket and introduce the stem into the open end and withdraw the tool. This will leave the sample sealed in the standard rubber gasket.To find more on how to seal a sample using the standard Gaskets and Inserts click here.

Standard Inserts:

Inserts of different sizes are needed when working with various stem sizes. The insert is easy to change, simply unscrew the 4 brass screws, change insert and secure screws. Inspect the 4 small o-rings for damage and replace as needed when switching between inserts.

These Inserts DO NOT fit the Model 670 or 4 inch Super Chamber.

Cavitation Chamber:

Cavitation Chamber PMS Instruments

Standard Gaskets and Insertion tools can also be used with our Model 1505D-EXP or Digital Cavitation Chamber Instrument. The Cavitation Chamber comes standard with all 4 gasket sizes with 5 spares. Insertion tools are ordered separately.