Model 1505D-EXP

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Pressure Chamber Model 1505D-EXP

The Model 1505D-EXP Pressure Chamber Instrument is a combination instrument. It is a Model 1505D fitted with an external port out to a Cavitation Chamber. The instrument can be used as a Pressure Chamber or as a Cavitation Chamber by simply switching a valve. This unique design allows the user to have both instruments in one unit at a cheaper cost than buying the two instruments separate.

We have upgraded the Control Valve and internal piping to now allow direct connection to Nitrogen Cylinders with 207 Bar/3000 PSI pressure. The instrument is fitted with a 100 Bar Digital Gauge that offers features such as backlighting and multiple pressure scales such as (Bar, Mpa and PSI).

Instrument comes fitted with our most popular sealing gasket size – 1/4 inch Compression Gland Gasket and Insert. This gasket will seal a sample that is 1/4 inch in diameter down to a completely closed position. If you need other sealing options such as bladed grass or other semi-round sizes check our other options.

This is a specialty instrument that will benefit the user who is doing both Cavitation work and Pressure Chamber work.

The instrument requires a nitrogen source. You can use it in a lab or green house with a large cylinder or buy our light weight Portable Tank to allow for field work.

For more information about how the Pressure Chamber works or other questions, please check our Resources Page.

Model 1505D-EXP Specs

Maximum Operating Pressure 100 bar
Chamber Construction Solid Stock Stainless Steel (2.5 inch dia. x 5.0 inch depth)
Cavitation Chamber Construction Anodized Aluminum (1.0” Dia x 3.25” Length)
Read-out Digital Gauge (Reads in Bar, Mpa or PSI)
Size (L x W x H) 13 × 11 × 10 inches
33 × 28 × 24 centimeters
Weight 25 Lbs/ 11 Kg
Gauge 2.5” Diameter Gauge
1/2 of 1% accuracy
100 bar (10 Mpa) range

Instrument comes complete with:

1/4 Inch Compression Gland Sealing System, 5 Extra 1/4 Compression Gland Gaskets, 6 foot Filling Hose, 1 – Solid Lab Stopper for instrument testing, O-Ring lubricant and Lithium Grease, 11/32 inch wrench and 3/32 inch Allen Key for Control Valve Adjustment and a color Operating Instructions Manual.

In addition the following items are for the Cavitation Chamber: 3 foot hose connecting to Cavitation Chamber, Cavitation Chamber, 2 metal inserts of following sizes (5/8”, 3/8”, 3/16”), 5 rubber gaskets of each size (blank, 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”).

Recommended Accessories

Note: Necessary accessories will depend upon users application.

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